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Victory for Missouri Patients

August 1, 2012


Jefferson City, MO – Yesterday, the state Supreme Court struck down a 2005 ruling which capped punitive damages awarded to victims of preventable medical harm at $350,000. Read the full story here by Blythe Bernhard and Virginia Young of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. I’ feel as though I’m wading into a pond full of […]

MO: Cox Health Brain Lab Tragedy Update

February 18, 2012


Springfield, MO – The local Springfield News-Leader ran this story today regarding the legal aftermath of the Cox Health Brain Lab Overradiation scandal that rocked this community two years ago. Some 27 of 66 cases filed have been settled; the others are a work in progress. Naturally, no details have been released; a gag order […]

USA: Quoted In Fierce HealthCare

November 1, 2011


USA: HealthCare PSI was mentioned in today’s Fierce HealthCare story about the lack of hospital reporting in the case of never events. Patient advocates know this is a regular occurance. But this bit of knowledge is a shock to the system and sensabilities of reporters and the general public, too. Remember, hospitals are supposed to […]

MO: Poor Hygiene? Or Alien Fungus?

August 15, 2011


MO: Following the F-5 tornado that scrubbed most of Joplin, Missouri off the face of the earth in May, there was another chapter to the disaster: killer fungus. Some 13 patients turned up with fungal infections which caused such a healthcare worker panic that a team from the CDC flew in here and stayed for more than […]

NY: Does Anyone Actually Believe This?

July 26, 2011


What can I say? Except if you do, then perhaps you’d also be interested in buying some land in Asbestos, Quebec? You know, near the vermiculite mine? Good grief, 911 Health Czar, (what a ridiculous title.) We know you don’t want to create a Super Fund to pay off these medical claims, but why don’t you […]

MISSOURI: CDC Investigates Fungal Infections

June 16, 2011


MISSOURI: Sarah Okeson from the Springfield News-Leader reported today that a team of investigators arrived in Springfield on Tuesday to investigate the cluster of fungal infections that has appeared in victims of the Joplin Tornado. Aggressive super fungus? Or poor hospital hygeine? We may never know…

Joplin Tornado Health Issues

June 10, 2011


MISSOURI: Like many of you, I’ve been following the Joplin Tornado with much interest. Joplin is only 60 miles down the road from us so the story is at the top of the daily headlines. A couple of health-related stories to report: 1) There are literally thousands of people arriving here daily from all over the […]