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Lucian Leape: 4 Facts About Health Care Today

March 1, 2012


This video is short, less than 2 minutes, and is a must-see by patient safety pioneer, Lucian Leape. From December, 2011.

USA: Welcome Back Alicia Cole

September 22, 2011


USA: Alicia Cole is an actress, an HAI survivor, and one of the best spokespersons we have in the war on Hospital Acquired Infections. After battling for years to come back from flesh-eating bacteria she got in a dirty California hospital, Alicia is now healthy enough to step in front of the camera again. Her […]

NY: Message from Trisha Torrey

September 15, 2011


NY: Trisha Torrey aka Every Patient’s Advocate wrote this open letter to hospitals in New York state regarding their data in the latest performance report released to the public for the state’s hospitals. While sone of her comments are directed at specific institutions, IMHO this letter should be sent to every hospital in the country.  It is […]

USA: The Cost of Corruption in the Medical Device Industry

September 6, 2011


USA: Dan Walters sent me a heads up on this thoughtful piece written by Emily Beitiko for The Center of Genetics & Society. Like many of you, I personally know several people who have received faulty medical devices – devices that turned out to be recalled long before they were ever implanted in their bodies. […]

USA: It’s Up. USAToday’s Annual Hospital Report

August 5, 2011


USA: Last night the intrepid team from USA Today released their annual interactive roundup of death and readmission rates for every major hospital in the US. I wait for this report every summer; it is my favorite hospital performance tool on the planet. Why? There is no spin. No selective data omissions that might embarrass […]

World Patient Safety Day – July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011


Today, July 25, 2011 is World Patient Safety Day. It has been observed since 2001 and was begun by a small group of dedicated and persistent survivors who have lost children, spouses, parents, siblings and friends to one of the greatest didn’t-have-to-happen epidemics our planet has ever seen – preventable medical harm. This observance should give you a […]

USA: Patient Safety Checklist

July 12, 2011


USA: This article came in this afternoon from Dr. Julia Hallisy, co-founder of the Empowered Patient Coalition. It was written by Dr. Erik Steele for the Bangor Daily News and is titled The Hospital Patient’s Safety Checklist, Part 2. Part 1 ran earlier but don’t fret; the link is included. The info in this article is very […]