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USA: No Excuse for This

September 29, 2011


  USA: Earlier this week a story broke across the newswires about a gorgeous little boy – Aaron Pointer – who had an asthma attack last year in Matteson, Illinois, and died while being shuttled by ambulance from hospital to hospital over 11 agonizing hours. Read his story, but know that you will never forget his […]

USA: Welcome Back Alicia Cole

September 22, 2011


USA: Alicia Cole is an actress, an HAI survivor, and one of the best spokespersons we have in the war on Hospital Acquired Infections. After battling for years to come back from flesh-eating bacteria she got in a dirty California hospital, Alicia is now healthy enough to step in front of the camera again. Her […]

USA: The Jedi Fight Back

September 16, 2011


USA: We’ve been following the epic battle between Public Good vs. Blunt End Secrecy all week regarding the Obama-ordered removal of the public database of physician disciplinary action and malpractice records.  Today, the Jedi struck back. They released the blackened database – all of it – despite the administration’s order. St. Louis Post Dispatch has the story. Go Jedi! […]

NY: Message from Trisha Torrey

September 15, 2011


NY: Trisha Torrey aka Every Patient’s Advocate wrote this open letter to hospitals in New York state regarding their data in the latest performance report released to the public for the state’s hospitals. While sone of her comments are directed at specific institutions, IMHO this letter should be sent to every hospital in the country.  It is […]

USA: JC Recognizes 2010 Top Performers

September 14, 2011


USA: You know that I don’t put much stock in hospital ratings, but the Joint Commission released this smallish list of Top Performing US hospitals in certain critial care areas today. So I’m publishing it here. There are only 405 names on  this list – containing the top performing 14% of all hospitals who report […]

USA: The Dark Side Strikes Again

September 13, 2011


USA: This isn’t Star Wars, but if feels like patients and advocates are stuck in some sort of good vs. evil, Dark Side vs. Light Side battle with Sith lords. FYI to the Star Wars Geeks in the readership: Okay I loved the first three movies, and I didn’t even mind the fourth, but I’m not a […]

INDIA: 23 Children Get Tainted Blood Transfusions

September 12, 2011


INDIA: It’s happened again to the poorest of the poor, and to our youngest and most fragile. A government run hospital gave at least 23 children blood transfusions with blood that was contaminiated with the AIDS virus. All children have now tested positive for HIV. It’s 2011 people, not 1600. Can’t we get this right? […]