MISSOURI: Hospital Scrubs & HAIs

Posted on May 12, 2011


MISSOURI: Sarah Okeson, the new Health reporter for the Springfield News-Leader, delves into the Great Scrubs Debate that’s been going on from coast to coast. Not surprisingly, the hospitals she interviewed gave the standard we’re-in-compliance-so-don’t-ask-questions response to her inquiry about wearing scrubs outside the hospital. Interesting and shocking fact – in Springfield, the hospitals provide sterilized scrubs to OR personel and other people involved in “invasive proceedures.” However, respiratory therapists, floor nurses, some radiology staff, ICU nurses and ER department staff wear their own scrubs! Yeah right, like HAI’s only occur in the OR. Bottom line: As long as hospitals are allowed to profit from transmitting infections bred in their own facilities to unsuspecting patients, the Great Scrub Debate will rage on.

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