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USA: The Cost of Corruption in the Medical Device Industry

September 6, 2011


USA: Dan Walters sent me a heads up on this thoughtful piece written by Emily Beitiko for The Center of Genetics & Society. Like many of you, I personally know several people who have received faulty medical devices – devices that turned out to be recalled long before they were ever implanted in their bodies. […]

USA: Duke’s Junk Science Kills

July 7, 2011


USA: The NYT ran this scathing story yesterday about Duke University’s colossal genetics research testing failure that lead to the deaths of patients enrolled in clinical trials, patients who were sent to Duke to get a treatment lauded to be nothing short of miraculous. Junk science and the persuit of lucrative research money were put before patient safety. […]

USA: Supreme Court Sides With Big Pharma

June 23, 2011


USA: The Supreme Court today ruled against the state of Vermont and in favor of pharmaceutical companies who use data-mining to direct-sell their products to physicians and others in the healthcare industry. Data-mining in this case involves the sale of consumer purchasing history and information to pharmaceutical companies; the data is gathered by local pharmacies […]

USA: FDA Slaps Bladder Cancer Warning on Actos

June 16, 2011


USA: The FDA announced today warned consumers that the drug Actos, popular for the treatment of diabetes, increases the risk for bladder cancer if used more than one year. Germany and France pulled Actos for the same reason several days ago. Avandia has already been removed from the market due to heart risks; it is in […]

USA: 96,000 Patient Affected by Hip Recall

April 16, 2011


USA: Over 96,000 patients have been affected by a  recall of hip replacement components manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. What happens to these patients now? Mass Device offers details in this story.

H & P Industries Plagued with Problems

March 31, 2011


WISCONSIN: MSNBC reports that the FDA knew of problems plaguing H & P Industries, the Wisconsin based manufacturer at the heart center of a nation-wide recall of medical wipes. The wipes are blamed for several serious infections and the death of a 2-year-old Houston boy.

Another J&J Recall

March 30, 2011


USA: Reuters reports Johnson & Johnson has issued another recall of some of its most popular drugs including Tylenol, Benedryl and Sudafed, the result of continuing problems at its Fort Washington manufacturing plant.