Welcome to our  new home on the web. I’m DK Raymer, Founder and President of HealthCare PSI.  While our status as a non-profit organization is new, HealthCare PSI is not; it’s been around awhile.  So here’s the story –

I became a patient advocate in August, 2008, after experiencing my own preventable medical injury a year and a half earlier.  Prior to that time I had heard isolated stories of people getting killed or disabled by healthcare-gone-horribly-wrong. The key word here is isolated – I thought those events were rare. I was wrong. Preventable deaths due to medical errors and hospital-acquired infections have reached epidemic proportions. Based on the most recent government accounts, more than 1000 people die every single day in U.S. hospitals from completely preventable causes. Thousands more are injured – every single day. I wish we had exact numbers for deaths, injuries and infection rates, but those numbers are kept hidden from public view. Amazingly, you can find out if a local retaurant was cited by the health department for leaving an ice scoop out on the counter, but your local hospital is allowed to keep its performance record secret. That’s just wrong.

The original HealthCare PSI website and blog went online in September, 2008. In the 18 months that followed my audience grew to include not only victims of preventable harm but healthcare industry heavy-hitters… and I’m pretty sure not all of them were fans.  Last summer it became clear that HealthCare PSI had grown far beyond a personal advocacy work. It was going to requir a group effort just to keep up.  In July we became a non-profit organization; we received our 501(c)(3) status from the  IRS  a week before Christmas. So, in many ways our work has just begun.

HealthCare PSI still has the same core focus – to advocate for quality patient care and victims of preventable medical harm. We’re not lobbyists; politicians aren’t addressing this problem. And we’re  not trying to make changes from within the healthcare system; other patient advocates are doing that. Our focus? The public, health care consumers – those who are paying for the care they receive with their money and with their lives.

In the coming weeks our team will begin producing video content, and we’re already collaborating with patient advocates and others to widen our scope of influence. Visit our new website and sign up for our newsletter (coming soon!) We’re beginning an exciting new chapter at HealthCare PSI and I invite you to add your voice to this grassroots movement to improve the quality of patient care.

Warm Regards –

DK Raymer

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  1. Brian McKenna

    September 1, 2011

    Hi DK,

    This is Brian McKenna, the author of the CounterPunch piece. So glad you are circulating it. Your organization sounds terrific. Let’s stay in contact and share information.


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