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MICHIGAN: Brian McKenna Is Spot On

August 30, 2011


I saw this article by Brian McKenna today on Counter Punch. It’s a fantastic report filled with zinging one-line patient encounters with the US healthcare system. This article, originally written for The Society of Applied Anthropology, makes a case for a widespread study of patient-reported outcomes in every nook and cranny of the country – which is […]

USA: Too Many Antibiotics Tied to Asthma

August 25, 2011


USA: The overuse of antibiotics has been found to be the culpit behind a host of troubles. Here’s the latest from WebMD: Add to the list Asthma, Obesity and Cancer. Antibiotics aren’t smart; they kill everything in their path – good bacteria and the bad. A piece of advice from my own experience: If you […]

USA: Who Uses Alternative Medicine? Healthcare Workers.

August 21, 2011


USA: Interesting story this week in Health Behavior News. Turns out that 76% of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers use CAM (complimentary and alternative medicine) compared to 63% of workers in the general population. So, what are we to learn from this? Those who work in Western Medicine know its limitations. They know that […]

USA: 2011 Kids Count Report

August 19, 2011


USA: God bless the Annie E. Casey Foundation for keeping tabs on the well-being of our nation’s kids. Yesterday, they released their annual report which offers an unvarnished state-by-state snapshot on the overall health of our children. As usual, the state I live in, Missouri, came dragging in towards the tail end of the pack. […]

MO: Poor Hygiene? Or Alien Fungus?

August 15, 2011


MO: Following the F-5 tornado that scrubbed most of Joplin, Missouri off the face of the earth in May, there was another chapter to the disaster: killer fungus. Some 13 patients turned up with fungal infections which caused such a healthcare worker panic that a team from the CDC flew in here and stayed for more than […]

USA: It’s Up. USAToday’s Annual Hospital Report

August 5, 2011


USA: Last night the intrepid team from USA Today released their annual interactive roundup of death and readmission rates for every major hospital in the US. I wait for this report every summer; it is my favorite hospital performance tool on the planet. Why? There is no spin. No selective data omissions that might embarrass […]