Doctor Discipline Bill Passes Missouri Senate

Posted on May 14, 2011


MISSOURI: After a solid year of fine investigative reporting on the part of Blythe Bernhard and Jeremy Kohler of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, a new doctor discipline bill has successfully made its way through the state legislative system and is set to land on Governor Nixon’s desk this weekend. Missouri has one of the worst, most non-effective physician oversite boards in the entire nation and  if implemented (and that’s a very big IF) this legislation would give the board authority to take immediate steps to intervene in suspected cases of impaired physicians, or in cases where there is good reason to believe that a physician poses an iminent and grave danger to the public health. I was asked to comment on this bill and I am quoted in the story.

I will repeat here what I told reporter Blythe Bernhard – this is a very good first step towards public accountablity in Missouri’s healthcare system. However, this bill does absolutely nothing to address quality of care concerns within hospitals, which is where the majority of preventable medical harm occurs. Great job, Jeremy and Blythe! We fight on…