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USA: Chronicle Broadcasts Our Warning to Charities

October 28, 2011


USA: Update on the fraudlent donation we received two weeks ago today. The Chronicle of Philanthropy took note of our press release and followed up with their own warning to public charities. Reporter Holly Hall phoned Dana Burchfield, Assistant Controller at Purvin & Gertz in Houston, Texas, and learned that the unathorized checks are still […]

HealthCare PSI Receives Fraudulent Donation

October 25, 2011


MISSOURI: Last week we had a very unusual occurance. Our patient advocacy organization received a fraudulent $1950 donation, apparently in a campaign meant to harm a Houston, Texas  based energy industry consulting firm. We didn’t need the disruption in our efforts to launch a new childhood asthma program – but criminals don’t really care who they […]

USA: Good News and Bad About Antibiotic Resistance and Hospitals

October 24, 2011


USA: MedlinePlus published this report today about our nation’s hospital efforts to cut the use of unnecessary antibiotics, which is aimed at curbing the escalating problem of antibiotic resistant infections. The good news: the programs are working in participating hospitals! The bad news: only 1/3 of the nation’s hospitals are participating in these efforts. The excuse for […]

USA: More Evidence of Failure

October 19, 2011


It would seem that in order to be a top-ranked healthcare facility in this country, all you have to do is hire someone clever enough to creatively fill out treatment compliance forms, or simply claim you’re great. I’ve seen three reports in the last week confirming that this is exactly what’s going on in our nation’s hospitals. It’s about real […]