USA: Quoted In Fierce HealthCare

Posted on November 1, 2011


USA: HealthCare PSI was mentioned in today’s Fierce HealthCare story about the lack of hospital reporting in the case of never events. Patient advocates know this is a regular occurance. But this bit of knowledge is a shock to the system and sensabilities of reporters and the general public, too. Remember, hospitals are supposed to make you better – at least, that’s what their ads say. Karen Cheung did a very nice job compiling the new Inspector General’s report with a piece in USA Today and a story by Sarah Okeson in the Springfield News-Leader. One correction: HealthCare PSI’s home base is in Missouri, not Illinois. Never events are the most “visible’ lapses in patient care. I use the word visible for lack of a better term, because they are such monumental gaffs that they defy common sense and explanation. Now, if these highly visible events go unreported, just how many smaller patient harm incidents do you think slip by unreported? Remember, the Inspector General stated this past May that 1 out of every 3 hospital patients is harmed by the care they receive. We may need to adjust that number…

Here’s the link to today’s story: Inspector General: Never Events Go Unreported.