NY: Does Anyone Actually Believe This?

Posted on July 26, 2011


What can I say? Except if you do, then perhaps you’d also be interested in buying some land in Asbestos, Quebec? You know, near the vermiculite mine? Good grief, 911 Health Czar, (what a ridiculous title.) We know you don’t want to create a Super Fund to pay off these medical claims, but why don’t you just say that instead of lying to these people? Really. HuffPo has this story.

On a personal note: The EPA has compared the Joplin tornado cleanup to that of 9/11. Joplin is 60 miles west of HealthCare PSI headquarters, so it’s a daily story here. Thousands of workers – both volunteer and paid – are 9 weeks into a 14 week cleanup. The EPA is there monitoring. They’ve assured those workers that everything’s fine. Heads up, Joplin. This is your future.

Photo Credit: The AP Archives.