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USA: No Excuse for This

September 29, 2011


  USA: Earlier this week a story broke across the newswires about a gorgeous little boy – Aaron Pointer – who had an asthma attack last year in Matteson, Illinois, and died while being shuttled by ambulance from hospital to hospital over 11 agonizing hours. Read his story, but know that you will never forget his […]

World Patient Safety Day – July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011


Today, July 25, 2011 is World Patient Safety Day. It has been observed since 2001 and was begun by a small group of dedicated and persistent survivors who have lost children, spouses, parents, siblings and friends to one of the greatest didn’t-have-to-happen epidemics our planet has ever seen – preventable medical harm. This observance should give you a […]

The Link Between Infant Formula and Juvenile Diabetes

June 16, 2011


GLOBAL: Bad news for baby formula makers. The HuffPo reports today that babies fed formula are at increased risk for developing Type 1 Diabetes before the age of 5. They also have a 50% increased risk for developing B cell autoimmunity, a precurser to Type 1 Diabetes. This is the latest in a series of […]

AUSTRALIA: Anesthesia Awareness More Common Than You Think

May 17, 2011


AUSTRALIA: Adam Cresswell, Health Editor of The Australian, turns in this very good report on the worldwide phenomenon of anethesia awareness. In case this is new to you, anesthesia awareness is the buzz phrase for patients who do not receive enough anethesia totally sedate them during surgery. They remain awake but paralyzed, unable to communicate […]

GLOBAL: Prostate Testing Harmful to Men

May 11, 2011


GLOBAL: Jason Gale from Bloomberg reports on the rise of life-threatening Superbug infections associated with testing for prostate cancer. Powerful story and good reporting!