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USA: What Does “Hospital Clean” Really Mean?

February 22, 2012


USA: HAI’s (hospital acquired infections) have reached epidemic proportions in our nation’s hospitals. FYI: the term hospital acquired infections annoyed hospital executives, who successfully petitioned goverment agencies to water the term down to “healthcare associated infections.” As I’ve stated repeatedly, hosptials are the major source for this horrific and unnecessary filth-born plague so I continue […]

MO: Cox Health Brain Lab Tragedy Update

February 18, 2012


Springfield, MO – The local Springfield News-Leader ran this story today regarding the legal aftermath of the Cox Health Brain Lab Overradiation scandal that rocked this community two years ago. Some 27 of 66 cases filed have been settled; the others are a work in progress. Naturally, no details have been released; a gag order […]

USA: The Cost of Corruption in the Medical Device Industry

September 6, 2011


USA: Dan Walters sent me a heads up on this thoughtful piece written by Emily Beitiko for The Center of Genetics & Society. Like many of you, I personally know several people who have received faulty medical devices – devices that turned out to be recalled long before they were ever implanted in their bodies. […]

USA: Healthcare IT Posing More Pitfalls for Patients

July 29, 2011


USA: Saw this story a few days ago by Ken Terry from Information Week. The subject: Healthcare IT’s impact on patient safety. Early results are a reality check for all those proponents of electronic records. While many communication problems have been eliminated, IT implementation is creating brand new ones, mostly Blunt End problems which impact not one patient, […]

California: Mia Amber Died from a Blood Clot

July 13, 2011


CALIFORNIA: The coronor’s report has finally been released for Mia Amber, the actress and model who died suddenly May 10 following routine knee surgery. Pulmonary thrombo-embolism. That’s the ruling. The bigger question: was this a preventable event? And that’s where it gets sticky. The hospital is crying unforseeable event. The coroner refuses to bite the had […]

The Industrialization of Patient Safety

June 1, 2011


I really wanted to get through an entire day without becoming miffed at a bunch of bureaucrats, but that didn’t happen.  Today I saw a headline that reminded me that too often, bureaucrats care more about protecting the organization than about the people they are supposed to serve – unless, of course, there’s money in it.  The […]

IOWA: No Reporting Required

May 18, 2011


IOWA: I missed this article when it was originally posted April 28th so I’m calling  your attention to it now. Reporter Erin Jordan with KCRG-TV9 News turns in this very good story on the state’s medical error reporting requirement – or the lack thereof.  Retweet, Facebook and Share this story via your favorite social media […]