USA: Healthcare IT Posing More Pitfalls for Patients

Posted on July 29, 2011


USA: Saw this story a few days ago by Ken Terry from Information Week. The subject: Healthcare IT’s impact on patient safety. Early results are a reality check for all those proponents of electronic records. While many communication problems have been eliminated, IT implementation is creating brand new ones, mostly Blunt End problems which impact not one patient, but scores of them.

It seems to me that any time the healthcare “industry” makes a move – even one that is supposed to help patients – there is inevitable failure along the line somewhere. It is, after all, a system – a rambling, disconnected, unaccountable, bureaucratic behemoth whose first and only thought is survival – not the patient’s; the system’s. At some point, we’ll have to drive a wooden stake through the industry’s heart and return to practicing the healing arts if we truly are serious about reducing the daily unpublicized wholesale slaughter of hospitalized people. Yes, I said slaughter. We are, after all, cattle. At least, that’s the way the Blunt End sees us.

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