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USA: What Does “Hospital Clean” Really Mean?

February 22, 2012


USA: HAI’s (hospital acquired infections) have reached epidemic proportions in our nation’s hospitals. FYI: the term hospital acquired infections annoyed hospital executives, who successfully petitioned goverment agencies to water the term down to “healthcare associated infections.” As I’ve stated repeatedly, hosptials are the major source for this horrific and unnecessary filth-born plague so I continue […]

USA: More Evidence of Failure

October 19, 2011


It would seem that in order to be a top-ranked healthcare facility in this country, all you have to do is hire someone clever enough to creatively fill out treatment compliance forms, or simply claim you’re great. I’ve seen three reports in the last week confirming that this is exactly what’s going on in our nation’s hospitals. It’s about real […]

From the Archives: Truth in Advertising

July 21, 2011


I have begun the process of deconstructing the original HealthCare PSI Blog, which debuted on Typepad in August 2008. That blog had a brilliant run and launched my work as a patient safety advocate. Typepad used to be the premier blogging platform but it began to shift focus late last year. It is pricey and is looking a […]

USA: National Quality Forum Expands “Reportable Incidents”

June 30, 2011


USA: The National Quality Forum this week expanded the list of preventable medical harm scenarios that cause death or serious injury to patients. They propose adding 4 more situations, which would bring the list to 29. Twenty-four states are required (at this time) to use the same reporting method. (Why not all?) This list has […]