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USA: What Does “Hospital Clean” Really Mean?

February 22, 2012


USA: HAI’s (hospital acquired infections) have reached epidemic proportions in our nation’s hospitals. FYI: the term hospital acquired infections annoyed hospital executives, who successfully petitioned goverment agencies to water the term down to “healthcare associated infections.” As I’ve stated repeatedly, hosptials are the major source for this horrific and unnecessary filth-born plague so I continue […]

Anthem Blue Cross Is On the Right Track

February 15, 2012


This story is such a rarity I just had to call your attention to it. First, I’m used to reading bad healthcare news coming out Las Vegas, not something positive. Second, I’m not in the habit of praising insurance companies because, frankly, they’re a big part of what’s wrong with today’s industrial healthcare. However, this morning […]

CA: Kaiser’s Commitment to Mental Health

November 14, 2011


CALIFORNIA: Wow, this one’s a zinger that’ll have Kaiser’s PR team hustling through the end of the year. This new report filed by Alexander Eichler for HuffPo, cites an astonishing lack of mental health services and  staff pushed to the breaking point while the Blunt End rakes in billions in profit. Q: How do you paint this ugly […]

MICHIGAN: Brian McKenna Is Spot On

August 30, 2011


I saw this article by Brian McKenna today on Counter Punch. It’s a fantastic report filled with zinging one-line patient encounters with the US healthcare system. This article, originally written for The Society of Applied Anthropology, makes a case for a widespread study of patient-reported outcomes in every nook and cranny of the country – which is […]

USA: It’s Up. USAToday’s Annual Hospital Report

August 5, 2011


USA: Last night the intrepid team from USA Today released their annual interactive roundup of death and readmission rates for every major hospital in the US. I wait for this report every summer; it is my favorite hospital performance tool on the planet. Why? There is no spin. No selective data omissions that might embarrass […]

USA: Healthcare IT Posing More Pitfalls for Patients

July 29, 2011


USA: Saw this story a few days ago by Ken Terry from Information Week. The subject: Healthcare IT’s impact on patient safety. Early results are a reality check for all those proponents of electronic records. While many communication problems have been eliminated, IT implementation is creating brand new ones, mostly Blunt End problems which impact not one patient, […]

USA: More on Hospital ER Waits

July 16, 2011


USA: This is a follow up to yesterday’s news item on the truth behind hospital wait times and what it means to patient survival rates. This article called The Waits That Matter ran in Health Policy and Reform and was sourced in Dr. Chen’s piece. (Thanks, Helen, for the heads up!) What should disturb you about this […]