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Anthem Blue Cross Is On the Right Track

February 15, 2012


This story is such a rarity I just had to call your attention to it. First, I’m used to reading bad healthcare news coming out Las Vegas, not something positive. Second, I’m not in the habit of praising insurance companies because, frankly, they’re a big part of what’s wrong with today’s industrial healthcare. However, this morning […]

CA: Kaiser’s Commitment to Mental Health

November 14, 2011


CALIFORNIA: Wow, this one’s a zinger that’ll have Kaiser’s PR team hustling through the end of the year. This new report filed by Alexander Eichler for HuffPo, cites an astonishing lack of mental health services and  staff pushed to the breaking point while the Blunt End rakes in billions in profit. Q: How do you paint this ugly […]

USA: The Dark Side Strikes Again

September 13, 2011


USA: This isn’t Star Wars, but if feels like patients and advocates are stuck in some sort of good vs. evil, Dark Side vs. Light Side battle with Sith lords. FYI to the Star Wars Geeks in the readership: Okay I loved the first three movies, and I didn’t even mind the fourth, but I’m not a […]

From the Archives: Oh Boy, It’s Awards Season Again

July 22, 2011


Two moldy oldies in one week! This is a good one though and, once again, it is relevant. I remembered this post Wednesday when I saw that US News and World Report released their annual ranking of hospitals by specialty. Again. I think somebody there must have read my post last year because they actually shuffled […]

WASHINGTON: Dr. Jovan Ojdrovic Retires Citing Safety Concerns

May 30, 2011


WASHINGTON: A long time ER physician with Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokan is retiring early citing the Administration’s priority of profit over patient care. Toni Brunetti files this excellent story (with video( for KXLY Channel 4 News.) This one broke on a holiday weekend; I hope Dr. Ojdrovic’s actions don’t go unnoticed.