USA: Healthcare Snapshot from The Commonwealth Fund

Posted on March 19, 2012


Big new analysis out this morning looking at the wide range of health services and outcomes across the US. This report is a project of The Commonwealth Fund and I’m linking you to Modern Healthcare’s coverage of its release.
Pet Peeve: The Commonwealth Fund clearly states that they timed the release of this report to support the new healthcare reform laws taking effect, so it is not without political motivation. In my personal opinion, there are entirely too many political viewpoints, policies and politicians cluttering up our healthcare as it is. It is morally wrong and culturally reprehensible to manipulate something so essential as our healthcare into a bargaining chip for politicians and political parties. End of speech.
That said, the authors of this report concede that, while they intended to use it to make a case for the new Healthcare Reform law, they discovered that the situation is more complicated than their original pass-this-law-and-it’ll-fix-everything premise. Bottom line – no matter what the political motivation for undertaking this project, the data is useful now. It is a real world snapshot of the healthcare landscape in the US, and is certainly worth 5 minutes of your day to explore.
Image from The Commonwealth Report’s analysis.
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