HealthCare PSI Receives Fraudulent Donation

Posted on October 25, 2011


MISSOURI: Last week we had a very unusual occurance. Our patient advocacy organization received a fraudulent $1950 donation, apparently in a campaign meant to harm a Houston, Texas  based energy industry consulting firm. We didn’t need the disruption in our efforts to launch a new childhood asthma program – but criminals don’t really care who they hurt or how much they disrupt your days. That’s all part of the game. Fortunately, we contacted the company before any real damage was done, and discovered that – as of last Wednesday – we were the only public charity in the country to receive one of these checks. Private individuals in more than 25 states were targeted – and us. Why HealthCare PSI was singled out is a mystery – but I’m posting this warning for all charitable organizations:

Be on the lookout for checks arriving via overnight courrier, bearing the name Purvin & Gertz. I issued the press release below and sent it to various news outlets.

PRESS RELEASE – MO Charity Receives Fraudulent Donation

UPDATE February 15, 2012: We finally discovered the identity of the fraudulent Mystery Donor. Apparently, HealthCare PSI caught the attention of Anonymous, the infamous organization which engages in “hacktivism.” They were engaged in giving big Texas oil a lesson in philanthropy when we received our “donation.” I’m flattered we made it on Anonymous’ radar as a deserving charity… I think. Wish the money had been real. Just thought you’d like to know.