USA: Good News and Bad About Antibiotic Resistance and Hospitals

Posted on October 24, 2011


USA: MedlinePlus published this report today about our nation’s hospital efforts to cut the use of unnecessary antibiotics, which is aimed at curbing the escalating problem of antibiotic resistant infections. The good news: the programs are working in participating hospitals! The bad news: only 1/3 of the nation’s hospitals are participating in these efforts. The excuse for non-participation? 1) No funding to create such a program, or 2) no staff to run it. Really? Come on. Infection control and antibiotic overuse should be fundamental in every hospital in the country – not an elective program. Hospital electives include latest-greatest gadgetry for specialty care, remodeling and other esthetics, and advertising. Cut any or all of those items and dedicate the funds to infection control and curbing antibiotic resistant infections. Trust me, the communities you serve want to know that you’re keeping them safe from infection – not that you’ve chosen to install a salt water aquarium in your shiny new lobby. It’s about setting priorities. Sadly, two thirds of our hospitals don’t have theirs straight yet.

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