USA: Welcome Back Alicia Cole

Posted on September 22, 2011


USA: Alicia Cole is an actress, an HAI survivor, and one of the best spokespersons we have in the war on Hospital Acquired Infections. After battling for years to come back from flesh-eating bacteria she got in a dirty California hospital, Alicia is now healthy enough to step in front of the camera again. Her mission:  to warn and inform the public.  A couple of observations:

  • 1. Alicia did not bow to the politically correct crowd who now prefer we advocates use the term Healthcare Acquired Infections. She used the original – and accurate term – Hospital Acquired Infections. US hospitals hate this but the truth is the truth – these  life-threatening infections are bred in hospitals and spread from patient to patient by poor hygiene practices. Remember when “hospital clean” meant something good? Now “hospital clean” is associated with needless suffering and senseless death.

2. Alicia boldly stated that the reason for lax hospital hygiene practices if profit. No willy-nilly-the-reasons-are-complicated-BS; just straight up truth.

Watch her first interview with FOX 11 news; we hear this is going to be an ongoing gig. Sure hope so.