USA: JC Recognizes 2010 Top Performers

Posted on September 14, 2011


USA: You know that I don’t put much stock in hospital ratings, but the Joint Commission released this smallish list of Top Performing US hospitals in certain critial care areas today. So I’m publishing it here. There are only 405 names on  this list – containing the top performing 14% of all hospitals who report this criteria. A couple of things struck me as I read through these names. While some of the big heavy-hitters are present, most of these hospitals are smallish and off the beaten path, hospitals who have apparently been quietly setting high standards and delivering quality care.

My second observation was troubling: Only 7 hospitals were recognized for excellence in Childhood Asthma care. What does that say about how flat-footed and unprepared our hospitals are to treat a chronic, life-threatening condition that affects (depending on where you live) 9% to 44% of our kids?  Childhood asthma is really on my radar of late as we have launched an early detection and treatment referral program for K-12 children. We’re rolling it out in Missouri this winter and plan to expand outside the state within 2 years. The program is called Project PEAK and you can read more about it here.

Congratulations to this year’s best performers. Speaking for US patients, we hope you inspire greatness in your competition.

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