World Patient Safety Day – July 25, 2011

Posted on July 25, 2011


Today, July 25, 2011 is World Patient Safety Day. It has been observed since 2001 and was begun by a small group of dedicated and persistent survivors who have lost children, spouses, parents, siblings and friends to one of the greatest didn’t-have-to-happen epidemics our planet has ever seen – preventable medical harm. This observance should give you a sinking feeling right in the pit of your stomach. Why? Because every man, woman and child is in danger of being suddenly, and without provocation or warning, killed or permanantly injured in the one place that is supposed to be a refuge for the sick and injured – their local hospital. Here at HealthCare PSI, we have a saying:

There are two kinds of people in this world -those who have already been affected by Preventable Medical Harm, and those who will be.

Today’s observance is not to be confused with National Patient Safety Week, the brainchild of the HHS. That themed week happens every March and has been little more than a half-hearted healthcare industry PR attempt to assure the public that We care, yeah, we really do. What was that patient’s name again? So far, the HHS observation has been marked with lame music videos featuring dancing hospital employees; it is also the one week a year that new handwashing signage appears. By all indications, nobody reads those signs, or the number of HAIs would be dropping. But I digress…

Today we remember those we lost, those who would still be here with us today if somebody in charge of their care had given a damn.

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