USA: The OIG Lists Orgs Requiring Quality of Care CIAs

Posted on June 20, 2011


USA: The Office of the Inspector General continues its recent trend of releasing data pertaining to illegal conduct or quality of care issues by healthcare providers. You will not see any of this data in commercials produced by the healthcare systems involved; they’d like to keep these embarrassing little details hidden from the public. But we are happy to call your attention to them. Today’s release contains health systems who, according to the OIG site, were under investigation for serious allegations of fraud that impacted the quality of patient care. To resolve these claims, these health systems are required to hire an independent company to monitor their care delivery. Under this agreement, the hospitals involved admit no wrong-doing. (God knows, they never admit they’ve done anything wrong.)  However, to keep the doors open the OIG requires this additional layer of independent oversite. Does this guarantee safe patient care? Nope. It’s just there – kinda like your smoke alarm. Click here to read the round up of healthcare systems currently operating under a Corporate Integrity Agreement.

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